RoRo Ride to Alibaug and its Real Estate Impact

Now Alibaug is connected by one more transport mode from water and that is Ro-Ro!

What exactly is Ro-Ro?

Ro-Ro stands for Roll-on/roll-off and refers to the ships used to transport wheeled cargo.

What are the benefits of Ro-Ro?

The newly launched M2M Ro-Ro ferry service allows commuters to reach Alibaug from Mumbai in just 60 minutes, reducing the 111 km, 3.5-hour car journey to a mere 19 km ferry ride with a breathtaking view. The Ro-Ro service is likely to have a significant impact on property prices and real estate dynamics in Alibaug, making it more accessible and convenient for people to own a second home there.

Which are the starting points of Ferry?

Bhaucha Dhakka (Mazgaon Dock), or the Princess Dock is where the ferry will leave from on the Mumbai side and will dock at Mandwa Port on the Alibaug side.

How much a day ticket costs?

You can travel on the ferry individually (with or without a vehicle) or with different sizes of a car or two-wheeler. The cost for the same are as follows:

Introductory prices are as below:

Passengers – Starting at Rs. 300

2 Wheelers – Rs. 200

Cars – Starting at Rs. 800 depending on the size of the vehicle. Booking can be made online directly on the M2M ferry website.

How will the property dynamics are going to change for Alibaug

The Ro-Ro ferry service is expected to drive up demand for properties in Alibaug, which has long been a preferred location for elite second-home buyers. With the new ferry service, buyers will no longer have to endure the long drive or rely on a 15-minute speedboat ride to reach Alibaug. This is expected to result in a substantial increase in calls to buy properties in Alibaug. The range of investment options available in Alibaug, starting from raw land suitable for building farmhouses to premium beach houses ready to move in, is likely to attract a wider range of buyers. is a trusted platform that provides end-to-end property solutions for investors looking to invest in Alibaug.

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