About Hestia Villas

HestiaVillas creates attractive, sustainable homes to connect you with nature. Hestia Villas give the highest priority to sustainability, with emphasis on using local construction material to make structures long-lasting and nature friendly.

Our Vision

To leave a legacy over extraordinary style, considerate personalization, and service that goes the way beyond, we believe in not only building homes but a lasting relationship with our customers that lasts long after the initial interaction.

Our clients become part of our family, while our local communities become strengthened by our presence. Our goal is to create trust in our business. We do not want to establish the standards and then surpass the expectations. HestiaVilla takes pride in connecting the people with nature.

This is evident in the design of the houses. The emphasis on quality is the primary goal. The aesthetics of our spaces ensure that architecture, fine art, and personal experience blend with a stunning aesthetic.

We believe in creating not only houses but an ongoing relationship with our customers that lasts beyond the initial contact.


Nishant Mhatre


Entrepreneur and an Engineer by Education. Real Estate and Information Technology professional. Founder of Hestia Villas and Co-Founder of Fair-IT Solutions (Zurich). Nishant has worked worldwide as an expatriate in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and various countries in Europe incl. UK and India on various project implementations for more than 15 years. During his stay in various countries, different Architecture, and styles always fascinated him, and he always dream to build International quality structures in India with a focus on the Quality and language of Architecture. This is how the journey of Hestia Villas started.
He Is instrumental in managing the day-to-day operations and expansion of Hestia Villas.

Annemarie M. Sickeler


Entrepreneur. Takes over the organizational management and is significantly involved in the day-to-day business and expansion of Hestia Villas. Fashion enthusiast. Alumni Business School St. Gallen. Knowledgeable of different business cultures due to long international working and living assignments as an expatriate. As founder and owner of an international fashion brand, she knows exactly what it means when it comes to luxury and Aesthetics for houses.
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