Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are. They are completed within 24-28 months from the start of the construction.

If for some unexpected reason there is a delay, we have measures in place to safeguard our clients’ interests.


In Ancient Greek religion Hestia, is a virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family and the state

This is one of our biggest strengths. We pay a lot of attention to is ensuring that the independent land/house for sale in Alibag have clean properties with perfect titles and all permissions in place.

We have various lawyers who look at our paperwork for each plot of land and only once they have independently cleared a plot, do we move ahead with purchasing it.

It’s not just the ‘mini-Goa’ of Maharashtra. Alibaug is a destination having pristine views, windy beaches, and lush greenery. For its ancient forts, temples, forest areas, multiple beaches, and great weather all-year-round. And its connectivity, through road as well as water (only 45 mins away by ferry), makes it an easy getaway for everyone. Alibaug is a place to escape and stay amidst nature.

You can choose from gated community, estates and villas in Alibaug.

ð  HestiaVilla provides an end-to-end solution right from buying the land, to constructing a beautiful home for you, to handing it over, to managing your property, because we want to make your lives as easy and convenient as possible as we realize time is limited. It’s very difficult to buy land, clear titles, construct in both locations we have homes in.

ð  Our luxury villas in Alibag with private pool also have a gazebo, a well, a courtyard, and plantations with fruits.

Our gated communities have individual pools inside or outside the home and smaller gardens with greenery and plantations along with a beautiful cobblestone street.

All our luxury villas in Alibaug have swimming pools.

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