Villa Awas

This project was an intresting brief as this was a makeover with an extension to combine two existing houses and transforming them into a upmarket dwelling for a family for 10 people.

The challenge here was the road was the road from which we saw the main veiw of the house was soth facing and hence required least amount of opening. Experiencing the onsite situation we felt the need to bring balconies with fins that allows them to enjoy surroundings without getting hot. This promotes well-being, health, and emotional comfort. Architectural language for this soothing house adopts an open-air concept:

Evolving the thought process, for this south facing house, we decided to take in the diffused light and create a volumetric mass. Here the study of climate plays an important role in planning in an organized layout with multiple voids in the form of terraces and double height spaces. The absence of openings on west façade provides a large surface area for cladding. Vernacular material- manglore tiles was identified to clad which is low cost and has longevity. The pattern is explored through various arrangements and craftsmanship that dslope inwards at 45 degree angles. The south side balcony strips casts shadow on the surface based on sun’s movement in Indian context. The screening keeps the interior spaces cool and yet stands out of the local fabric.

The house has primary functions of living, kitchen, dining and bedrooms on the first a floor respectively. To bring in the traditional art and craft of village as contemporary outcome, the living room is transformed into double height space in plain palette contrasting to the colorful patterned fabrics and rug. The proportions of openings bring in the required light and ventilation, preventing the harsh sun. As an alternate to monotonous kitchen interiors, here to depict the theme based, a contrasting color palette of brown is used distinctively with white shade.

Through this project, we incorporated simple methods to create architectural spaces, use of common local material to clad and color palette of pop out shades which enhance the beauty of mass. From every position outside the house, one can see different large openings for ample of airflow and natural lighting into the spaces, to create a warm feel.