Casa Frangipani

Escape to luxury and tranquility with Casa Frangipani, a stunning villa located in the Dhokawade area of Alibaug. Surrounded by lush green lands, this villa is designed to offer the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary style. The walls are positioned along the N-S axis while the other axis is filled with windows and openings, letting in ample natural light and fresh air. The central courtyard, a classic Indian design element, creates a dramatic play of light and sound and helps to regulate the temperature inside the house. With a focus on eco-friendliness and efficiency, services are consolidated in a single area to maximize openings on all sides. The villa showcases the beauty of Indian art forms and materials, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a luxurious and relaxing retreat.

Casa Frangipani embraces the elements of nature with open arms. Inspired by traditional tropical Indian houses, this villa provides warmth and charm. Large sloping roofs, reminiscent of rural villages in Alibaug, add grandeur to the interior and protect the house from harsh climates. This design keeps the deck area of the pool cool on sunny days.

This project draws inspiration from the popular rural architecture of the region, with its sophisticated adaptation to the local climate and environment. The house seeks to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a strong connection between the house and the land. This approach emphasizes the importance of creating an ambiguous and anonymous atmosphere that fosters a deep relationship between the occupants and their surroundings. By adopting these values, Casa Frangipani achieves a unique and harmonious architectural style that blends seamlessly with the natural environment.