Casa Frangipani

The villa is located in the Dhokawade area in Alibaug, surrounded by plotted lands.
The walls are lined along the N-S axis and the other axis has windows and openings. The courtyard, another traditional design element of Indian houses, creates a dramatic play of sunlight and the sound of rain within the house. It also is designed to keep the house conditioned. Restricting the services to a single has given way to maximize the openings on all sides. The contemporary approach to the traditional design styles is evident in every detail of the house from architecture to furniture where Indian art forms, materials are featured.

The house welcomes all the elements of nature inside with open arms. The design borrows inspiration from traditional tropical Indian houses not as mere architectural elements but in the sense of warmth it provides. The large sloping roofs dictate splendour in the interior space and also shield the house from the harsh climates on the southern side. keeping the deck area of the pool cooler on sunny days.

These type of popular architecture common in rural villages of Alibaug, are the result of a complex relationship with the outside and sophisticated adaptation to the climate. In that sense the Casa Frangipani tries to appropriate these concepts and achieve certain ambiguity on its limits, which allows an intense relationship between the house and the land, between the exterior and the interior, where the anonymous and ambiguous in consequence become values for our proposal