Villa Vayu

The project breif called for a house with 4 bedrooms, a spacious living room and a long pool. The site faces the hills on the west and a temple on the east.. the plan is a linear one and is dictated by the linearity of the site.A contemporary attempt of minimalist architectural space that adopts the principles of tropical architecture and design. The dwelling acts as an insert between existing structures and nature. It promotes carbon positive and net zero operations through smart planning of space.

The studio’s perspective was focused on climate responsive style keeping in mind the site surroundings. Experiencing the onsite situation we felt the need to bring natural outdoor landscapes inside the built envelope that allows them to enjoy surroundings uninterrupted without going out. This promotes well-being, health, and emotional comfort. Architectural language for this soothing house adopts an open-air concept: new possibilities of living together in nature arose by creating inward-looking spaces, courtyards, and a visual connection. The passive cooling techniques benefit in turning down the prolonged use of air conditioning systems

Another factor was the extensive use of north lights and skylights. The bedrooms get a softer light from the north  thanks to the oreintation of the roof whilst the building get protected by the harsh sun from the south where the openings are sparse and limited .the courts withing the house also help as a heat realise method and also provide a centain level of depth to the house

the living area gets a double height as it is placed in between the two masses of the bedrooms.

The abode meets all climatic as well as all aesthetic needs of this humble inviting space. Surprising patterns in square graphics number up the parallel projections every moment during the day as per the sun’s rotation. These alignments continue inflow on the west surface of the wall. The material allows for cool air only to flow in through the pores.